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Synergy Integration Solutions (SIS) by Arthrex provides solutions for a modern OR environment that is designed to make your life easier. We create state-of-the-art turnkey operating rooms that work together:

From the design and construction of the new operating theater down to the connections between each device it contains.

The demand for high-quality and readily acces­sible operating theaters is increasing. Today’s ORs are inefficient and overcrowded due to the haphazard accumulation of increasing numbers of monitors, freestanding devices, and support systems in an already complex environment. Optimized workflows, automated data storage and protection, and availability of imaging and video data both inside and outside the hospital is crucial to improving efficiency.

This is where we can help. Arthrex Synergy Integration Solutions provides integrated solutions for a modern OR environment without the clutter: Designed to make your life easier.      

Synergy Integration Solutions is part of Arthrex, a global medical device company and a leader in new product development since 1981.
Our corporate mission shapes our ideas and inno­vations: Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better.     

The medical significance of our contributions serves as our primary benchmark of success and will continue into the future as Arthrex’s legacy.

Our strategic focus is on constant product innovation through scientific research, surgeon and customer collaboration, and medical education, to make less-invasive surgical procedures simple, safe, and reproducible. Each year, we develop more than 1 000 new, innovative products and procedures to advance surgery around the world. Since its inception, Arthrex has remained a privately held company, allowing us to rapidly evaluate and develop new technologies and ideas. Our economic strength enables us to develop products and techniques that truly make a difference. Our experienced team of dedicated professionals represents a shared passion and commitment to delivering uncompromising quality to healthcare providers.

Why OR Integration?

Future Proof

  • Meets rising demand for digital technologies
  • Supports transparency and availability of data in electronic health records
  • Enables access to images and videos taken in the operating theater from anywhere while on the go
  • Creates a digitally supported process landscape
  • Applies medical information standards (including HL7-FHIR, IHE, DICOM)
  • Comprises a system structure based on fiber optics in OM4 quality and 8K ready
  • Maintains flexibility through its modular design in order to respond to market developments
  • Integrates existing technologies with new technologies through its open system structure


  • Digitization of processes in the operating theater promotes efficiency and medical safety
  • Integration is a building block for a multimedia findings archive within the hospital
  • Secure data access (through routing / streaming) impoves patient safety by providing surgeons with the right data, of the right quality, at the right time and place (inside and outside the operating theater) to assist their rapid decisions
  • Ability to view image / video data allows the patient's condition to be monitored from multiple perspectives during procedures
  • Lower follow-up costs (intensive care unit, revisions, aftercare) result as patientsafety is promoted
  • Capacity to streamline work processes thanks to central video management
  • Digital working practices were able to bring about a savings potential of approx. 12 % for the German health care system in 2020 (McKinsey (2018))

Building Projects

SIS Will Accompany You Through All the Phases of This Complex Project…

Phase 1:

Preparation  – project development and basics

Phase 2:

Planning –  preliminary planning, drafts, permits

Phase 3:

Execution –  preparation, monitoring

Phase 4:

Completion – documentation, hand over, user training

… And Beyond With Service and Support!

Build an Environment to Suit Your Needs

Synergy Integration Solutions (SIS) provides individually tailored solutions for the OR of today and the OR of the future, according to your needs and requirements.

Hospitals, especially their operating theaters, are a complex ecosystem: A wide variety of medical equipment, such as OR ventilation, doors, floors, walls, lamps, and all kinds of camera systems, must fit together seamlessly.

In consultation with your planners, engineers, architects, and project members, we will create the OR you need. Our long-term experience ensures that the OR we design for you complies with all regulations and requirements, and will provide the optimum operating environment for both surgeon and patient.

Get Inspiration for Your OR

Mirai Clinic, Otwock, PL

Mirai Clinic, Otwock, PL

Example plan for the Altano Group’s horse clinic

Lutrina Klinik Kaiserslautern

Integration Projects

Consolidate All Your Medical Equipment Needs

Technology That Works Together

The Synergy product portfolio is a comprehensive set of interconnected surgical tools and technologies for the operating room. Our award-winning imaging system comprises 4K cameras, monitors, and integration of video and data. The integrated surgical devices include soft-tissue and bone resection, fluid management, and insufflation.

See More With SynergyID

We are pioneering the next generation of cutting-edge visualization technology. As front-runners in surgical imaging, Arthrex designed the Synergy imaging system to empower clinicians and facilities with premier visualization capabilities, workflow efficiency, and revolutionary instrumentation.

The SynergyID system enables advanced visualization in any surgical specialty by combining state-of-the-art 4K visualization with superior augmented-reality features, such as near-infrared fluorescence imaging, to see more than ever before

Integration Starts With™ Software integration software brings connectivity to your OR by merging seamlessly with your hospital network to bring your EHRs, the PACS, and worklists together according to your preferences. software allows all surgeon and procedure settings to sync to each OR, creating a consistent and reliable experience. Intraoperative media can be sent to different destinations, no matter whether you are inputting data to an EHR within the PACS, a file server, or a cloud.


OR 1

OR 2

OR 3

Data export





Procedure settings

Image and video management / editing

Surgeon settings

Our Technology Facilitates Patient Focus

The Synergy Matrix 4K video integration system unites all imaging modalities in your OR, maximizing your revenue and quality of care. Experience the value of interconnectivity, high-quality 4K image clarity, and dynamic patient engagement applications with an integrated OR that enables healthcare professionals to focus on their core business: The patient treatment.

Synergy Matrix 4K video routing enables native 4K video distribution through an optimized OR workflow with an integrated, immersive user interface that reduces redundant data entry and potential errors.

The system uses video over IP to send the 4K images to any monitor in the sterile field, optimizing workflow and enhancing visualization in the OR. Multiple visualization systems, such as endoscopic towers, C-arms, and ultrasound devices, are seamlessly integrated. The video management and routing system centralizes the control of all images and videos during surgery and automates workflows and the documentation of all data in the hospital’s PACS, HIS, or RIS. In addition, it allows images and videos to be streamed outside the operating area, opening up new possibilities for presentations, consultations, or congresses.

Secure Your Data Efficiently

Basic data security requirements of existing standards:







and others

Innovative data security approaches tailored to your needs, such as:

Support of multi-disciplinary workflows for flexible worklist and archive integration

Implementation of different IHE and HIPAA profiles

Individually customized rule-based storage, access, and user management, as per your specifications

Integration of specific audit trail and node authentication (ATNA) profiles to safeguard patient data and for user accountabiity

Extended logging functionality, with traceability of system events

Streamline Your Data Flow

Our Synergy Matrix capture station is a unified acquisition and documentation solution that provides patient and planning data through DICOM Worklists. It digitally generates still images and videos of the procedure or examination and transfers these automatically to the electronic patient records.

Synergy Matrix is centrally hosted by server software modules. It combines mobile and stationary non-radiological imaging systems into 1 uniform solution with which imaging systems can be retrofitted. Innovative server solutions and rule-based storage management help manage your valuable storage space efficiently, reducing the need for endless expensive upgrades.

SIS Makes the Difference

SIS by Arthrex comes with a certified and experienced project management team to help you plan your installation. We take care of fulfilling your requirements in terms of budget, scope, and time frame.

Our service does not stop at being reliable partners during the installation: We are also available to you as product specialists once the installation is complete.

No matter which stage of the process, our highly motivated team is on hand to support you:

  • Consultation, definition of ideas and strategies
  • Project management
  • System design and implementation
  • Service and maintenance

Bring Synergy to Your OR

Synergy operating room technology is trusted and proven, driving efficiency, controlling costs, and helping you treat your patients better.

Our Technology Facilitates Patient Focus

We will design an individual solution according to your specific needs.

Driving efficiency

Trusted and proven technology

Individual solution

Sparing costs

We Are Arthrex!

Arthrex Global Headquarters is located in Naples, USA, where corporate, manufacturing, and medical education operations can be found in a vibrant atmosphere of rapid product innovation, medical research, and surgeon collaboration. Alongside our 3 regional offices and 26 subsidiaries around the world, Arthrex is a truly global company.

As technology continues to change and develop, we remain at the forefront: Our uncompromising commitment to product quality, innovation, and medical education, and our dedication to the patients whose lives we impact, set us apart from our competition.

We're Here To Help

Our SIS team is on hand to answer your questions and find the best solution for your OR.

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